All piercing clients and guests coming into the piercing room will be required to wear a mask
while in the room.

We are currently open and offer clean sterile and safe piercings. We are not accepting walk in clients at this time so we request you make an appointment
here or by calling/texting 940-205-7264. Thank you for your understanding.

Piercing Denton appreciates CASH
as payment for piercing services.

Thinking of getting a piercing?

More and more men and women, young and old, from every walk of life, are getting parts of their faces and bodies pierced. From eyebrows and noses, and tongues to navels and yes even genitals are being pierced as a popular form of personal, cultural, or artistic expression. What used to be very avant guard is today very acceptable and main stream. While your Grandmother may wonder about your sanity your friends, co workers, and

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contemporaries will consider you perfectly normal, slightly (or maybe very) adventurous and and may ben just a little envious.
By one U.S. estimate, 49% of women and 19% of men aged 18 to 50 had piercings in their earlobes in 2004. And 21% of women and 8% of men had piercings in other places.
When done by a trained professional, an RN, NP, or MD, body piercing is fairly safe overall. When done in tattoo studios the most common problem is infection, affecting up to 20% of all piercings, according to a new review by dermatologists at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine in the American Journal of Clinical Dermatology.
Most often the
bacterial infections are at the piercing site. Other complications may include bleeding, allergic reactions, skin tearing, or scarring.

With That In Mind
Who do you REALLY want doing your body piercing?

Did your tattoo artist go to school for piercing, anatomy and physiology, infection control, sterile technique.

Did they learn it from someone else who didn’t bother with professional training education?

Are they a professional piercer or a tattoo artist who needs to fill their day?

Do they look professional, dressed like a professional, act like a professional and is their shop spotlessly clean with appropriate furniture?

Are you willing to risk permanent disfigurement or loss of sensation as a result of an infected or misplaced piercing in order to save a couple of bucks?

Piercing Prices

Please click on the blue appointment button to see the prices of individual piercings.

Generally, in Texas you must be 18 years old to get a piercing. It is possible to get a piercing before 18 years old with parental consent and we will do most piercings on minors if the parent is present and can prove they are actually the parent. That means that parent and child both must have photo identification. For children a birth certificate is acceptable. We will always give the best possible recommendations and advice relating to piercing as we want you to be happy and healthy with the modification we have done for you.