Piercings for relief from migraines

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Daith piercings have been recognized as an alternative treatment for migraines. While there are many causes of migraines and many ways of treating them there does not seem to be one method of treatment which works effectively for even a majority of migraine sufferers. At Piercing Denton, we are nurses not doctors and therefor do not diagnose migraines or specifically advise any particular treatment. We do, however, provide the highest quality and cleanest piercings available and will place the piercing for you if you wish to try it for migraine relief. I truly believe that alternative treatments work, but, I don’t necessarily believe every alternative treatment will work the same for every person. If you wish to skip the drugs used to treat migraines then you may well have to try several alternatives until you find the one that will work for you. Also many times alternative treatments are very subtle and work more slowly and less dramatically than drugs so it is necessary to give each trial adequate time and pay close attention to how they affect you. Unless a client reports back to us or comes for another piercing we don't know exactly what the rate of effectiveness is. Our best judge is the number of clients who send in friends and relatives who also suffer from migraines to us for the procedure. Out of the more than 1000 of these piercings places the number we have been ask to remove is less than 10. We do recommend that you be evaluated by a neurologist prior to getting the piercings to ensure this is the problem since the piercings do not appear to help other types of headaches or neurological issues. We have included as much information as we could easily find and as we learn more we will add to this page.
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Daith piercings for migraine relief are $100 for surgical stainless steel and $150 for titanium jewelry and are placed in both ears. Both ears must be done for the most effective results.
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