Ear Piercings for Children 5 to 7 Years Old

As an RN it is my practice never to pierce any child against their will. Some children in this age group change their mind about getting pierced or decide to stop after one ear is done. Therefor, if the process has been started and sterile tools and supplies are opened we charge full price for the piercing even if the child decides not to get pierced. You can return in a few weeks and get the piercing done at no charge. It is the same if the child decides not to get the other ear pierced; the full price is charged, but, you can return with the child in a couple of weeks and get the other ear doe at no charge.

The State of Texas requires a birth certificate for the child be presented along with the accompanying parents ID. If the parents name has changed then proof of change must also be presented. (like a marriage license).
Ear piercings for children over 5 years old are $30 for both ears and surgical stainless steel studs with cubic zirconia clear studs are included. I'm sorry it is not possible to use your earrings that have not been sterilized by us